About us

  • Whatana is an investment company building a medium to long term investment portfolio consisting of high value businesses strategically selected to provide substantial / market leading returns to the investors.
  • The industries Whatana focuses on have been chosen based on the results of a macro-economic study of Mozambique and Africa and that highlights the long term strategic importance and growth prospects.
  • The aim is to work in partnership with global institutions. Investing efficiently and transparently with high ethical standards.
  • While starting in Mozambique, the company aims to grow regionally with a global perspective in mind. With this approach, Whatana wants to help strengthen local economies and empower the local populace.
  • Over the last few years, Whatana has developed very strong network and partnerships, both in Mozambique and internationally, with both corporate and governmental institutions. This network makes Whatana one of the top preferred partners when doing investments in the SADC region.